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Tralee Bay

We have had several visits to Tralee Bay over the last few years during the Easter break and have thoroughly enjoyed them all, but last year we were fortunate enough to visit during half term week, the last week in May. The weather was truly perfect, clear blue skies, clear blue waters, the scenery was beautiful and we had a wonderful week. We even managed a memorable barbecue down on the dunes (away from the midges!) and enjoyed a magnificent sunset later in the evening.

Tralee BBQ

The other outing that I would like to share isn’t exactly “off the beaten track”; it is more a case of in case people miss it during their stay near Oban.
We visited the Isle of Kerrera on another beautiful May day. My hubby and I, and our two children aged 14 and 7 caught the small ferry from the landing south of Oban to the Island. Someone had told us on an earlier visit that the track around Kerrera was great for biking, so we took all our bikes on the ferry as well. This turned out to be more difficult than anticipated, as the gravelly and grassy track was difficult to negotiate and the inclines turned into more of a cycle-drag than a ride, but to be honest the scenery and the views across the sea made it all worth it, even for us lazy townies.
For our picnic lunch, we stopped off at Gylen Castle which was stunning, where the kids and the dog had a good splodge in the bay.

Glyen Castle

We visited the Island on a Tuesday, so please take note, the Tea Shop is CLOSED on Mondays and Tuesdays, we were simply choking for a cuppa! The remainder of our trek around the Island was pretty hard work dragging the bikes, but the scenery all around was unforgettable on that glorious day. We had a wonderful time, so if you are capable of a good trek please take time out to see this wonderful peaceful place while in the area. Unless you are an experienced mountain biker I would personally suggest you leave the “jalopies” behind! Enjoy!
To find out more about the island, ferry timings, the tea shop, bunkhouse, etc. visit www.undiscoveredscotland.co.uk

June Heiniger and family, North Tyneside

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