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Dunollie Castle is situated on the Ganavan road approximately a mile to the north of Oban. It sits overlooking the small strait between the mainland and the island of Kerrera, which is also owned by the MacDougall estate. The small grassy island is Maiden Island which in itself has an interesting legend attributed to it.

Maiden Island
Maiden Island

The castle was the seat of the clan MacDougall, Lords of Lorn, who were a significant force in Scottish history - at one point they owned a third of Scotland.

There have been fortifications on the Dunollie site since the 7th century, originally by the kings of Dalriada. (One of a few old names for Scotland.) A keep and courtyard fortress was built in the 13th century with the current four storey keep being added on the castle enclosure in the 15th century.

Dog Stone
Dog Stone

In 1746 the castle was abandoned and the family moved to newly built Dunollie House, behind the castle. Dunollie Castle is still owned by the MacDougalls and the house has been converted into flats (apartments)

There's a steep hill to climb to get there but access to the castle is free and there are some tremendous views from the top.

Limited parking is is available on the road but it's a lovely walk - just head north along the esplanade on the Ganavan road, out past the War Memorial, rather than stay on the main road here go up the track to the right, past the Dog Stone and onto the castle.

The content of this page is an extract from www.obanargyll.com. Oban's excellent online guide to local information and stuff you may not find in the glossy brochures, written by local man John Paterson.


Dunollie CastleDog StoneMaiden Island


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Dunollie Castle, Oban
Distance - 8 miles

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