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West Highlands' largest nursery garden centre An original "family" affair, the gardens are run by Fiona Hutchison with parents Donald and Susie. There are various plantings throughout the grounds and within the walled garden which offer year round interest. These are being constantly added to and are maturing well.

West Highlands' largest nursery garden centre

The old walled garden, built circa 1790 by John Campbell, sits hidden against the Highland landscape. Like many gardens in the Highlands, the mild climate of the Gulf Stream allows many different plants to thrive.

We have developed the Garden Plant Centre within the ornamental gardens since 1975, and it has become one of the leading plant nurseries in Scotland. We are pleased that an historic garden is once again in full production and offering employment. It is unlikely that such gardens will ever be built again in any number or on such a scale. Visit the Kinlochlaich Garden Plant Centre website.



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