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St. Conan’s Kirk is situated on the North shore of Loch Awe and is very popular with tourists. The building is open every day and guidebooks, postcards and souvenirs are available. St. Conan is the patron saint of Lorne and is reputed to have lived in Glenorchy. There is a well named after him on the far side of Dalmally. He was a disciple though not a contemporary of Columba, and like him came from Ireland. In order to maintain the Kirk for future generations as its builders would have wished, please put a contribution, large or small, in one of the boxes provided for the purpose at the doors.

Interior of Kirk
Interior of Kirk

The Kirk
The Church was begun in 1881 and substantially altered and added to until 1930. Walter Campbell, a local landowner, and his sister Helen, included on the exterior almost every style of church architecture and embellishment, such as flying buttresses, towers, cloisters and stained glass windows. A particular joy is the three water spouts in the shape of a fierce dog chasing two rabbits.

The interior is more consistent in a Romanesque style, with a particularly lovely chancel. As an example of the spirit in which St. Conan’s was built, one of those who worked on the building for Helen Campbell recalled her rather eccentric method of getting the results she wanted. The builders would be told to build, say, a small tower. When they had finished Miss Campbell would inspect it carefully and if she was not satisfied, tell them to demolish it and try again!



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St Conan's Kirk
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